Los Simpsons

The Simpsons is an American animated television series that has been running since 17 December 1989 to date with Fox Broadcasting.

It was created by Matt Groenings and produced by James L. Brooks.

The play mimics a family setting with Father, Mother, three children, a dog and a cat. It is the longest running TV series to date managing to play over 600 programs to date.It started initially when Mr James L. Brooks asked Mr Matt Groenings to come up with an animated short series.

But Mr Matt to do Hell Series life, but feared that animated life requires the rescinding of publication rights for any life based work. Mr Matt instead decided to come up with his a version about his own family.

The play is cast in the place known as Springfield, where the Simpson family resides. The Sampson’s are a middle class family. The father, Mr Homer works at the Springfield nuclear plant as safety inspector.

Mr Homer is a careless man and has a buffoonish behavior. His wife, Mrs Merge Simpson is a housewife both have three children.

  • Bart is 10 years old boy who is always in trouble,
  • Lisa is a 8 years old girl who is an activist unlike his brother, she rarely finds herself in trouble
  • and Maggie the family baby who rarely speaks.

The family owns two pets Santa’s Little Helper the dog and Snowball V the family cat. Although the family looks like dysfunctional one they usually care about each other. The ages of the player characters as remained the same since the first episode. The play usually revolves around Mr Homer workplace, Lisa and Bart School, the Town Environment and the Simpsons homestead.Characters;

The Simpsons was created by Mr Matt Groenings naming the animated play characters after his own family. Homer was named after his father, Merge after his mother Margaret. Lisa and Maggie after her sisters, but he substituted himself for Bart. The Co-actors that usually get involved in the program include Homer Co workers, Relatives who visits or the Simpsons visits them, school teachers, Springfield residents and the Celebrities found in Springfield environ.

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The play sometimes invites guest to act in the program. Most of them include Athletes, Singers, Politicians, Scientists and movie actors.

Some of the famous names that have been involved include Lady Gaga who was tasked the role of advising Lisa to love herself.

Also, Mr Michael Cera to whom Lisa sometimes at Valentine time falls in love with. The Production Crew. Apart from Mr James L. Brooks and Mr Matt Groenings who for all the years the play as being on them remained the Play Executive Producers.

There is a big team, which includes; John Vitti, All Jean, Wallace, John Swartwender with John Meyer as their head. Involved in daily production of the play. 16 writers are involved in drafting, and editing to come up with the final script which is usually prepared six months before the casting on television.

The voices of the Simpsons family are played by;

  • Dan Castellaneta voice of Mr Homer
  • Julie Kauner voice of Merge Simpson
  • Yeardiey Smith voice of Lisa
  • Nancy Cartwright voice of Bart.


The prime time sitcom has been on the screens for so long since it has managed to receive good ratings since its first release. Initially the plays main character used to be Homer son Bart. The first programs revolved around him. But later the play producers discovered that Homer was the main attraction in the play. They decided to reverse the role handing Homer the leading role. The position to date. The theme song was created within two days by Danny Elfman in 1989. The yellow colour that is associated with the play was chosen by Mr Matt so that viewers would easily recognize it. During the first episode the color of the characters was black, this was believed to have been caused by color mix up during production. The color was changed into white in the second play has initially intended by the producer. They also feared to be accused of racism.The Achievements Longest series running in Sitcom Won most awards for animated series Category Named by TIME as the best TV show in 20th century.Homer is the most downloaded Sat-Nav voice in the world.